How Much Money Does A Genuine Estate Wholesaler Make On A Common Deal?

When people buy or rent condominiums, the first thing that they consider is the amenities that condominiums offer. Sometimes, the lack of amenities that people look for makes their apartment or condo search very difficult.

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Here is what happens so many times. Investor puts the home on the market on their own, it sits there unsold for a few months or more and THEN they call upon the Realtor. Well they have just lost equity by having to pay their mortgage note for the months that the home sat unsold on the market. Realtors will tell you, the longer it sits, it becomes stale and you will most likely have to reduce your price to sell.

Making sure that the site you belong to writes their content geared towards a specific niche is also important. After all, if you have a site web why would you want content that has to do with health and fitness? Avoid the sites that focus only on what’s hot and not a consistent specific niche. By doing this you will increase your chances of success ten fold.

The first step in becoming an eBayer, you may remember, was to choose an eBay-specific user ID, password, and email address, as well as a PayPal-specific user ID, password, and email address, and then to register with both eBay and PayPal. A separate bank account to be used for eBay-PayPal transactions was also recommended. It was also recommended to build a history of transactions and Positive Feedbacks fast by BUYING several items and promptly paying for them. How to take photos, and the importance of taking multiple photos showing every detail, both positive and negative, was explained. Now we go to Step 2.

Comp should be within several miles and sold within a couple of months to meet lender guidelines. In an region like Grants Pass that has only 60-90 sales a month, it is possible to see how challenging that can get. Additionally, a lot of properties have several acres, and this can “push” your comparable sales out beyond an acceptable level for lending guidelines.

If you are going to do this and you have never done article marketing before, you want to take the topic that interests your target market. Then you want to write about that topic in an article or two.

In the first scenario above, you have identified the cause of your lead generation problems. You don’t have any traffic! If that’s the case, you have no hope of producing REAL ESTATE leads from the website. So you need to focus on building up your traffic levels through such things as search engine marketing, online PR, article marketing, networking, etc.

So, how do you win? The internet, by its very name, is an interconnected net of links. Creating links, anywhere on the internet, that connect back to your site, and including your name, profession, and brokerage everywhere you create these links, will increase your overall internet ‘weight’, or internet presence. You may never get to the top ten of Google, but there are many, many other ways to get traffic.

As you get your real estate prospect to interact with you and your site. You can ask them to reveal more and more until you have enough information to segment them, and take them to the next level of your relationship. And then perhaps they will want to do more than just “go out with you”.

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